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Dante's Inferno

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Electronic Arts

I decided to pick up a new game recently and wanted to try something like God of War for the Xbox 360. The one recommended to me was Dante's Inferno, which in name already caught my eye. One main reason is I have read the “Divine Comedyâ€, which sees a man named Dante give a first-person viewpoint of hell in one of its chapters. The second reason is that it had inferno in the name, so fire is always good in a video game, why the hell not rent it just to burn things. So upon these three premises, I went in expecting a pretty good gaming experience for Dante's Inferno.

Unfortunately, I think they got more of the comedy aspect of the “Diving Comedy†then anything else in Dante's Inferno. The game is definitely not on par with God of War, actually for me not even in the ballpark. I am not talking about Comerica Park where it has a large outfield, I am talking Yankee Stadium where a 10 year old could probably hit a ball out of the park on a good, windy day. Maybe I had too high of hopes for the game, but for me it doesn't even come close to being good.

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