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Many gamers are complaining that the field of view (FOV) in Dead Island is not to their preference. Being at 62 degrees, I agree with them. Most of the recent first-person viewpoint games come with a way to alter the FOV value without too much trouble or headaches, but unfortunately Dead Island is not one of them. Games like Fallout use console commands to easily allow a user to change the default FOV, in Fallout's case 75 degrees, to another setting like 90 (which I like). But in Dead Island, the only way so far is a little tough for the average consumer, but still not too hard.

The real problem lies with the majority distributer of the game, Steam, might not look kindly on their users hex editing the dll files needed to change the field of view. Luckily though, it appears a new way has been found to change the FOV without risk of getting VAC banned. Here are the directions:


A Gamer's Review of Dead Island


Figured I'd write this review because many people went out and purchased Dead Island yesterday when it was released, but a large proportion of people were still undecided on the game.  So much so that my local Gamestop decided not to hold a midnight release.  Although I was bummed out, I still picked up my copy on the day it came out.  When I first popped it into my 360, I had no idea what to expect.  What should I expect?  I played the prologue and the rest of the day was a blur and everything seemed of no importance to me except for this game.  I was immeadiately immersed in this game, and though I found it a bit difficult to get a multiplayer session going with my friends, I still managed to play with them for quite a while.  I played at least 8 hours that day which is absolutely ridiculous, but I feel that this game definitely deserves every second you put into it.  After all of that time, which I must admit a portion was spent having some fun, I was only 10% complete with the main story.

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