Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins

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Best RPG of the Year.


Anyone who enjoyed Mass Effect should definitely play Dragon Age: Origins.  It uses the same method of quests and NPC communication with a similar combat system that is modified for the Fantasy genre.  Multiple play throughs are almost a requirement to get everything from this game.

The Origin aspect of the game is simply brilliant as it allows for a dynamic entrance in to the main story line for each possible character type depending on Race and Character Class.  Without a solid start to a storyline you can not expect a solid completion to the storyline.  The storyline is slightly linear, you are free to attempt to complete it in any order you wish, but you will have difficulty attempting certain areas if you have not gotten the experience points from the lower level areas first.  This isn't really a horrible approach as it does leave you the option of taking the road less traveled, although it will be a difficult road to take.


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