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Killzone 3 Review

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Ah, where to begin. Killzone 3 in my mind is an absolute masterpiece, I definite must have for any PS3 user. From intense fire-fights in snowy terrain maps, to fighting hordes of Helghast on rooftops, this game has it all. Let's get right into the specifics.

Killzone 3 Review

The presentation of Killzone that has always been great and it continues to be with Killzone 3. The level design both in single-player and multiplayer are second to none and you'll feel like you are actually in battle which is something that Call of Duty or the like can't compare to. All of the multiplayer maps pack their own specific elements which is nice, you can be fighting on a platform and out of nowhere a snowstorm will come in and drastically reduce your visibility, things like that are what makes the maps so great. There aren't any destructible features in the presentation, however in this type of game there doesn't need to be. The maps are on the larger side which makes for long and short range battles, sniping isn't as common in other FPS. Playing in HD makes the experience great, I can only imagine playing it in the coveted 3D.

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